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More Muybridge-related videos
Muybridge books from the Internet Archive
Louis Faurer: Hommage to Muybridge
Ancient relics excavated...
Muybridge 2009 calendar now available
Muybridge videos online
Inspired by Muybridge - paintings by Michael Milburn Foster
Animal Locomotion 21 plate edition on eBay
Muybridge at the Rose Theatre, Kingston
Date of Atlanic Crossing established
Muybridge on the radio
Muybridge Panorama on eBay
Muybridge in the New Scientist
What Happens Next? - an exhibition at the PM Gallery
New biography by Brian Clegg: UK edition

10 December 2008

More Muybridge-related Videos

And still they come! Video artists, using or inspired by Muybridge images, continue to upload their work to share with us - with new mini-movies being added to one or other of the video access websites at a frequency that's becoming dificult to keep up with. Here are a just few of the latest.....

Things - Jennifer Whalen Animates a Horse

Buffalo! To the Moon! - by cporridge

Muybridge Projections

7 December 2008

Not just horses: 'Deer Bounding', Plate XXIII from The Horse in Motion by J.D.B. Stillman

Muybridge books from the Internet Archive

The following books are available for free download from the Internet Archive.

Descriptive Zoopraxography, or, The science of animal locomotion made popular by Eadweard Muybridge ([Philadelphia]: University of Pennsylvania 1893)

Animal Locomotion. The Muybridge work at the University of Pennsylvania. The method and the result, by W.D. Marks, H. Allen, F.X. Dercum (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Co. 1888)

The Horse in Motion: as shown by instantaneous photography, with a study on animal mechanics founded on anatomy and the revelations of the camera, in which is demonstrated the theory of quadrupedal locomotion, by Dr. J.D.B. Stillman (Boston: J. R. Osgood and company 1882)

24 November 2008

Louis Faurer: Hommage to Muybridge

The auction sale of 15th-21st Century Art & Fine Photography, Galerie Bassenge Erdener Str. 5a, Berlin Germany 14193, includes: (Lot 4309) "Hommage to Muybridge, Chestnut St., Philadelphia". Photographer: Louis Faurer (1916-2001). 1940/printed 1991. Gelatin silver print on Agfa paper. 22,8 x 30,8 cm (27,9 x 35,2 cm). Signed and dated by the photographer in pencil below the image in the margin; signed, titled, dated and numbered 8/16 by the photographer in pencil on the verso. Auction date 3 December 2008. Starting price EURO 1,200. In excellent condition.

Faurer worked for magazines, including Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, but it was his personal work such as this - photographs taken in city streets - for which he is best remembered.

22 November 2008

Glass positive. Courtesy Kingston Museum. Photo: Stephen Herbert. Copyright.

Ancient relics excavated....

Some of the last communications from Muybridge were his comments about the animal images on the Tablet Of Mena, a stone artefact excavated in Egypt. (see Blog Archive: 15 April 2007) It's somewhat ironic then to note that on two occasions during the 20th century, batches of Muybridge's own relics bearing images were dug up from the garden of his last home - in the 1970s a small number of lantern slides; and in the 1990s a quantity of pictures on glass of various sizes. Pictures of some of these excavated pieces appeared in the Bequest book. The unpublished glass plate shown here, complete with garden dirt, bears an image from Animal Locomotion Plate 621. "Annie G." cantering, saddled.

12 November 2008


Tesseract is a 20-minute film available for download on the web, here:

20min. 35mm featurette
produced in Buffalo, New York

Tesseract draws a line between photographer Eadweard Muybridge's obsession with photographing movement and his act of jealous murder in 1873.
Muybridge's life and work became a fracturing of time where duration is sliced, mechanized, and stopped from flowing - this was a temporal insanity that led to cinema itself: the re-animation of the frozen image.
Muybridge's form, a spatial layout of time, is used here in film. The screen is split into panels, a moving photographic layout, fracturing our perspective of time, and the narrative of Muybridge's life.

tes-ser-act : a four dimensional cinema-cube stretching through time.
Director, Writer, Editor: Geoffrey Alan Rhodes
Producer: Sarah JM Kolberg
Director of Photography: Vincenzo Mistretta
Production Designer: Leslie J. Walker

Eadweard Muybridge, Peter Jaskowiak
Flora Muybridge, Kristen Kos
Leland Stanford, David Holland
Major Harry Larkyns, Guy Balotin
Lawyer Wirt Pendegast, Vincent O'Neill
Best Film, Lancaster Film Festival, NY
Best Photography, Jutro Filmu, Warsaw
selected screenings:
Syracuse International Film Festival, NY
Albright Knox, Buffalo, NY
Top Kino, Vienna


29 October 2008

Muybridge 2009 calendar now available

If you would like a different Muybridge sequence plate to look at for every month of the year, see the Allposters website to order their 2009 Muybridge Calendar. (There are links to various ordering locations for those not in UK.) There's currently a special price of 6.98 - usually 10.00

28 October 2008

Muybridge videos online

Here's a selection of the best Muybridge-related videos on YouTube. I've chosen those which add to Muybridge's images, or manipulate them in some way, rather than just animating the photographs mechanically. Apart from videos based on motion sequences there's also an interview with a Muybridge poet, and a re-visiting of the San Francisco Panorama.

A collage of early motion photography
World of Eadweard Muybridge

Heavily manipulated Muybridge images
MuyBridge Modernized

Students' animation
Muybridge Animation

George Snow's colourful and dynamic re-working of Muybridge images
Muybridge Revisited

Short film by Xavier Sanson
Le Cheval de Muybridge

Galloping horse in a praxinoscope
Muybridge ED. Praxinoscope-ZOOTROPE

Paper motion sculptures inspired by Muybridge sequences
Solar Powered Kinetic Animal Sculptures

Re-using motion information in Muybridge sequence
Rhino test based on Muybridge horse running

Funny-cartoon style horse and rider
Horse Animation (Edweard Muybridge)

Brief animation by Grant Harding
The Adventures of Muybridge

Interview with author of Muybridge poem
Author Rob Winger on Ottawa News

Toys animated, a la Muybridge sequences
(21) Stikfas Fun

San Francisco Panorama revisited
From Light To Night

Projections onto buildings, Muybridge's home town
Kingston in a new light

24 October 2008

Paintings inspired by Muybridge's sequence photography

Recent paintings by Michael Milburn Foster have been inspired by Muybridge's photographs. The Muybridge Series (2008) comprises seven vibrant, chromatic paintings, including Man completing a handspring, a flying pigeon interfering (Oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm). The artist's website has more illustrations of these artworks HERE

He writes: 'I have always been fascinated by the human figure in motion. Running, jumping or even just turning it contains an amazing set of internal lines, structures and shapes. These are what interest me ... I try to re-create them in order to convey the energy and rhythm of their movement. Sometimes I feel I am almost painting music.'

More links to Muybridge-related sites have recently been added to this website - see the Links page.

22 October 2008

Animal Locomotion 21 plate edition on eBay

Muybridge's Animal Locomotion with 21 plates offered on eBay, October 2008.
Animal Locomotion: An Electro-Photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phases of Animal Movements. 1872-1885. Published Under the Auspices of the University of Pennsylvania. Plates.
Description: Title-leaf printed in red & black, + 21 collotype plates from photographs, each with multiple stop-action images. Original cloth, gilt leather cover label. Author's Edition. Presentation copy inscribed in pencil on the title-page '...with the warm esteem of The Author, 31 March 1890.' The recipient's name has been erased, but seems to have possibly been Jos. Gabrielson. This is the very rare Author's Edition of Muybridge's Animal Locomotion, presenting a selection of the most interesting plates from his historic study of motion.
Condition Report
Spine neatly repaired; some minor foxing and soiling; very good.
Item number: 350103952461
Starts at:
US $10,000.00. Estimate: US $12,000.00 - US $15,000.00
Lot number: 134 Auction Date: Oct-23
Seller: PBA Galleries, San Francisco, CA United States.

22 October 2008

Muybridge at the Rose Theatre, Kingston

Muybridge's home town of Kingston, Surrey, hosts two lectures in November, as part of a new colaborative partnership between Kingston University and the Royal Borough of Kingston

Thursday, 20th November 7.30pm: Philip Brookman, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington.
Friday, 21st November 11am: Marta Braun, Ryerson University, Toronto.
Venue: Rose Theatre, Kingston. contact: Stanley Picker Gallery 020 8417 4074 email:

8 July 2008

Date of Atlanic Crossing established

The details of Muybridge's Atlantic crossing early in 1889 have been established for the first time. He travelled from New York to Liverpool on the R.M.S. Servia on 26 January, listed as Edward Muybridge, travelling saloon class. The Cunard ship - the first passenger liner to be fitted with electric lighting - was captained by Horatio McKay.

1 June 2008

Muybridge on the radio

Muybridge's Zoopraxiscope is the subject of a section of a programme in the new series of Eureka! (BBC Radio), in which Adam Hart-Davis explores spectacular years in the history of science. The year is 1879, when the Zoopraxiscope first made an appearance with a presentation at Leland Stanford's mansion. Your blogger was interviewed by Adam at Kingston Museum. The programme will be broadcast on Radio Four, Friday 1st August at 11am.

29 May 2008

Section of the 11-panel panorama

Muybridge Panorama on eBay

A panorama of San Francisco was sold recently on eBay, by the auction company PBA Galleries of San Francisco. Listed as follows:
1142: Muybridge's Panorama of San Francisco 1877 Title: Panorama of San Francisco, from California Street Hill Author: Muybridge, Eadweard Description: 11-panel albumen photograph panorama, each image approximately 7 3/4 x 8", mounted consecutively on archival board with overall measurements of the panorama 7 3/4 x 85", framed under plexiglass, overall the piece measuring 13 x 89 1/2". Muybridge's breathtaking 360 degree panorama from California Street hill, taken, it is believed by scholars, between May 23 and June 23 (due to examination of the shadows), and probably on Monday (people are doing their wash). Probably Muybridge's most famous single work, providing not only one of the best views of the bustling metropolis, but also a wealth of entertainment upon close examination. This picture tells many stories. Visible in striking detail are the mansions of the rich and the dwellings of the poor, the churches, hotels, banks, and other features. Muybridge also produced a mammoth plate panorama of San Francisco, which is excessively rare, only 5 or 6 copies known to exist. The present, smaller version was issued folding into cloth covers. Provenance: Daniel G. Volkmann, Jr.

Closing price was $42,500.

12 February 2008

Muybridge in the NewScientist

Lights! camera! action!

Muybridge and his zoopraxiscope images feature in a two-page article in New Scientist, issue 9 February. The piece, a two-page feature by Stephanie Pain in the 'Histories' series, covers his life and career but - unusually for a piece in a newsstand publication - centres on the real nature of Muybridge's projected motion pictures. It was prompted by an exhibition about modern sequence photography: 'What happens next?' at the PM Gallery, London (see below). More on that wonderful website The Bioscope: (11 Feb)

26 January 2008

What Happens Next?

What Happens Next? is an exhibition at the PM Gallery, Ealing, London, 8 February-15 March. In association with Thames Valley University.

Features work by contemporary photographers, exploring the photographic sequence. (There will be a small Muybridge component). 'Although Muybridge may not have been a direct inspiration for any of the contemporary works on show, he is the godfather of them all.'

Artists: John Blakemore, Julie Cassels, Matt Finn, Steffi Klenz, Mari Mahr, Edweard Muybridge, James Newton, Nanna Saarhelo, Andrew Warstat, Sally Waterman and Cary Welling.
Further details:

4 January 2008

New biography: UK edition

The English edition of Brian Clegg'sThe Man Who Stopped Time: Eadweard Muybridge - Pioneer Photographer, Father of the Motion Picture, Murderer (a slightly shorter title than the American edition) is now available. A review of this book appeared in our blog last year (see Blog Archive). This is the Amazon synopsis: This book tells the vivid story of the pioneer of photography, Eadweard Muybridge. His extraordinary personal story has all the ingredients of drama. He was born in the English suburbs, and set out to seek adventure and fortune in the American Wild West. While visiting Europe his coach overturned, and he was treated for a fractured skull. It was at this time that photography grew. Muybridge became a pioneering innovator, who not only invented new methods of photography, but devised 'a flying studio' which enabled him to dvelop his pictures in the field. He was betrayed by his wife, and risked everything by killing her lover. Muybridge's work is iconic, the picture of the moving horse, which proved how it lifted its four feet off the ground simultaneously, known throughout the world. His distinctive stop-motion pictures of men, women, boxers, wrestlers, racehorses, elephants and camels frozen in time, captured in the act of moving, fighting, galloping, living, have become some of the most famous images in the history of photography and science.

Muy blog email: Stephen Herbert

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