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March 8 Possible date of application for British Patent, plate printing. [Hinton]

September 28 British patent no. 2352. An improved method of and apparatus for plate printing. MUGGERIDGE, E. (Patented by August Frederick Sheppard.) [Alphabetical Index of Patentees and Applications for Patents, p.130]. Augustus Frederick Sheppard was partnered with a Mr. Riley, they were solicitors.


** washing machine patent application

August 1 British patent for washing machine: no.1914. Edward James Muygridge, of San Francisco, at present residing at No.6, St, John's Villas, Adelaide Road, St, John's Wood, in the County of Middlesex, for an invention for - "Improvements in machinery or apparatus for washing clothes and other textile articles." Letters Patent sealed. [Chronological index of patents applied for and patents granted, for the year 1861, p.126]

The following sketches are from a letter and description of Muybridge's washing machine, which he sent to a relative in Australia in 1860. These images have not previously been made public, and are provided courtesy Peter Muridge. Professional-standard drawings of parts of the machine also exist, and will be added here, together with full descriptive text, later.

c. 1860s

French patent, type and date unknown. This bulletin of laws index, with appendix relating to patents, suggests that the patent will be found in Vol. 20 of the Bulletin des Lois, with the patent number 1198. It seems that there were probably two volumes of the Bulletin each year during this period, and most likely Muybridge's patent appeared in 1862, in the second volume for that year, but this has not been verified.


** Sky shade?


December 21 1877, French patent BF no.121,743 (granted?). Subject not known, but most likely for his clock system. Listed in Bulletin des Lois, (1879).


January 5 files application for UK patent No.80: 'Improvements in Regulator Clocks'. Pneumatic/hydraulic clock synchronising system.

June 27 applies for US patent for sequence camera shutter, mechanical release: 'method and apparatus for photographing objects in motion' no.212865 (granted 4 Mar 1879).

July 9 application British patent no. 2746 apparatus for taking instantaneous photographs of objects in motion. [Hinton]

July 11 application for US patent: 'Improvements in the Method and Apparatus for Photographing Objects in Motion.' [Mannoni (Crangle) 308] no.212,864 [Mannoni]

July 17 applies for US patent for sequence camera shutter, electrical release: no.212864. also, patent applications for Germany and France. [Mannoni (Crangle) 308]

July 17 French patent BF no.125,692 'perfectionnements dans la prise des photographies instantanees d'objects en mouvement.' [Mannoni2 414]


March 4 patents no.212864 and no.212865 issued: Method and Apparatus for Photographing Objects in Motion. [Mozley 22]


September 7 application for re-issue of patent 212,865 (re-issued 6 Dec 81 as RE9,960). [Google patent search] Why was re-issue necessary? [Note: US reissues are published when it is realised that accidentally there are problems with the text, the fault either of the inventor or the patent office. Stephen Van Duljken, email to SH, 28 April 2014]

December 6 US Patent of 4 Mar 1879 [212,865] re-issued as 9,960. [Google patent search]


July 27 files US patent for slide-changer, or 'picture feeding device for magic lanterns': 251127.

August 31 application filed for US patent no. 279,878 'Method of and Apparatus for Photographing Changing or Moving Objects'. [Mannoni2 414]

December 20 US patent 'Picture Feeding Device for Magic Lanterns' (fast slide changer) 251127 granted.


April 18 Application renewed for US patent 279, 878 'Method of and Apparatus for Photographing Changing or Moving Objects'.

June 19 US Patent granted 279, 878 'Method of and Apparatus for Photographing Changing or Moving Objects'

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